Accomplishments and Accolades

The children’s new dormitory.

2010 – A new dormitory was built to better accommodate the boys.
Thank you to the Australian friends of the orphanage

2011 – A barn was built to shelter the cows.
Thank you Tina Thomas and Bill Abbott

2012 – A new dining room complex was built. It includes a dining room, office, storeroom, and guest room. It also includes a room to accommodate the women’s sewing project.
Thank you to the Australian friends of the orphanage

2012 – A new kitchen was built.
Thank you Sunneva Mohr

2012 – A new tiller was donated and a well built to assist the orphanage in their agricultural endeavors.
Thank you to The Rotary Clubs of Seminole, Seminole Lake, and Largo Florida

2012 – A Goat barn was built
Thank you Orphans to Ambassadors


Some of the boys posing with their new tiller!

A special thanks to these generous donors:

Sunneva Mohr $22,000

Tina Thomas and Bill Abbott $6,000

Peggi and Vince Chiarelli of String Along with Vince $2,500

Cindy Gelpi $3,030

$1,750 in loving memory of Lillian Borkman, a supporter of children’s charities, and Joyce Borkman Hopper, a true friend.

Gill McDonnell $1,200

Jane Harbour and Pat Bitonti $1,200

Margaret Harbour $1,200

And to our other donors that find it within their hearts to donate whatever they are able, thank you.

We send the orphanage $1,000 per month for food, clothing, schooling, medical care, etc. and we would not be able to do this without your generosity. We appreciate you all!